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Previous Names: One Nation
Pauline Hanson’s United Australia Party
Slogans: We’ve got the guts to say what you’re thinking
If you want to change the government, change who you send there
Themes: Oppose vaccine mandates. Reduce immigration. No Net Zero. Protect and restore “the individual rights and fundamental freedoms of all Australians”.
Electorates: Upper House: Eastern Victorian, North Eastern Metropolitan, Northern Metropolitan, Northern Victorian, South Eastern Metropolitan, Southern Metropolitan, Western Metropolitan, Western Victorian
Lower House: none.
Preferences: One Nation likes to mix it up a little, but certain patterns emerge: their top five preferences always go to some ordering of the Coalition, the Angry Victorians, the UAP, Family First and Freedom. Companions and Pets hold the sixth spot in every region except Western Metro, where the Group U Independents get in above them. After them, there’s another mixed bag of four, consisting of Shooters Fishers and Farmers, DLP, Lib Dems and Health Australia. The next two spots are always Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party and Sustainable Australia. After that, there’s a brief island of predictability: the New Dems, Legalise Cannabis, Transport Matters, Sack Dan Andrews and Animal Justice are in the same order on every ticket. There’s another swapping pair of Reason and Victorian Socialists, and finally, at the very bottom, yet another swapping pair of the Greens and the ALP.
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Policies & Commentary

The Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to run candidates for the Victorian Election, but not to update their website in any way to reflect that this is a different election with different concerns. In fact, you can’t even find a list of their candidates in this election on their website. In deference to this cost-saving measure, we have decided to do the same. You can find what we wrote about them six months ago here.