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How this works

The majority of individual posts on this site will be reviews of parties or independents and their respective policy positions.

These will be in a standardised format, starting off with a summary that lists, in order:

  • Website: the official website of the party or candidate, if they have one.
  • Social Media: the official presence of the party or candidate, on their chosen social media platform, if they have these.
  • Slogans: you know what these are.
  • Themes: the common features that emerge from their policy positions.
  • Electorate: separated into Upper and Lower Houses.
  • Policies: a short list of the policy areas this party or candidate has expressed positions on.
  • Preferences: who they’re preferencing and where, and themes that emerge from that.
  • Previous Reviews: this will link back to any commentary on Cate Speaks that Catherine has made about this party or candidate in previous elections.

This is followed by the main portion of the review. This will vary in length depending on how many positions the party or candidate has. Direct quotes from their policy statements will be shown in italics.

Sadly, we lack Catherine’s encyclopedic knowledge of Eurovision songs, and will not be able to continue that feature ourselves. We would be delighted, however, if you post your own suggestions in the comments 🙂

In the side menu, there are two new sections we’ve added. The first is Policies, which has a link for any policy area covered by one or more parties or candidates. If you have specific policy areas that are your focus, this will let you filter out the extraneous reviews. The second is State by State, which has a link for each state and territory. When clicked, it will take you to a display of just the reviews that are relevant to your state.

Hopefully, this is all clear enough, but feel free to ask any questions if there’s anything that needs clarifying.


  1. Sandra

    I can provide interesting information about some of the small parties which have popped up in SA almost overnight. What’s the best way to get this to you?

    • Loki

      I’ve emailed you, Sandra 🙂

  2. Shehmae Ho

    FYI – in the section under Vic State Senate, there seems to be an error in the 2022 link of Sustainable Australia Party. The link redirects to Socialist Alliance instead.

    • Loki

      Thank you for that, I’ll get that fixed right away

  3. Michelle

    I have just found your site and am so thankful for you for doing this work. I have been trying to do my list all week, and you have made finishing it off east.

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