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Links of Interest — 2022 Federal Election

Australian Electoral Commission
The independent authority tasked with actually running the election.
A few of their subpages that might be of interest:

General Links

Antony Green’s Election Blog
National treasure (and reason we all know what a psephologist is) Antony Green’s commentary on the election.
Cluey Voter
An online tool for helping you sort out your below the line voting.
Democracy Sausage
Because it’s not an election ’til you’ve had a barbecued snag as well as a vote.
Hidden Campaign
The ABC is looking at the less prominent side of the election: the social media, leafletting, phone calling and smsing that often goes unreported – tell them what you know here.
Psephos: Adam Carr’s Election Archive
A guide to the candidates across Australia.
The Australian election map has been lying to you
A look at how geographical maps distort accurate reporting of voting in Australia.
They Vote For You
A guide to how current and previous Parliamentarians have voted on the issues.
Senate Voting Card Creator
Another online tool for helping you sort out your below the line voting.

Other Review sites

A Very Condensed Impression of the Registered Parties, in four parts: 1, 2, 3 & 4
Brief sketches from the University of Melbourne’s student newspaper, Farrago.
Blatantly Partisan Party Reviews by axvoter on Tumblr
Primarily West Australia.
Preview of the Australian Federal Election by b_auspol on Dreamwidth
Primarily New South Wales.
Donkey Votie
Do find Something For Cate too verbose and not funny enough? This is your site. (Also, excellent pun in the name.)
Dr Kevin Bonham
Primarily Tasmania.
Farrago Policy Comparisons: Environment and Climate, Education, Housing and Homelessness, Defence, Gender Equality, Indigenous Affairs & Health
A series of policy area comparisons written by frequent Something For Cate commenter Benjamin Cronshaw. Thanks Ben!
Policy Cheat Sheet
The ABC summarises the positions of the Coalition, Greens and Labor across 13 key policy areas.
2022 ‘Savage AF’ Australian Federal Election Guide
Like us, only faster, funnier and on YouTube
Welcome to the circus

Do you know something that should be here? Let us know and we’ll add it! We’d especially like to add other sites that are doing the same sort of thing as we are, no matter what political stripe they may be.

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  1. Benjamin Cronshaw

    Really liked Cluey Voter, that is very helpful to see the ballot and work out preferences (as a below-the-line voter)!

    ABC also added a make your own How to Vote card, which is really good, albeit only for above-the-line.

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