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Previous Names: none
Slogans: It’s Just Common Sense!
Themes: Harsher sentencing for criminals, end animal cruelty and legalise euthanasia
Electorates: Upper House: Eastern Victorian, North Eastern Metropolitan, Northern Metropolitan, Northern Victorian, South Eastern Metropolitan, Southern Metropolitan, Western Metropolitan, Western Victorian
Lower House: Bellarine, Cranbourne, Melton, Point Cook, Polwarth, Ripon, South Barwon, South West Coast, Werribee, Yan Yean
Preferences: Only one pattern emerges from the rather chaotic preferencing of DHJP: if you’re a major party, they hate you. The Coalition, the Greens and the ALP are placed last – and often jumbled together – in every region. Other than that, they appear to have drawn names from a hat.
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Policies & Commentary

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to run candidates for the Victorian Election, but not to update their website in any way to reflect that this is a different election with different concerns. In fact, you can’t even find a list of their candidates in this election on their website. In deference to this cost-saving measure, we have decided to do the same. You can find what we wrote about them six months ago here.