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Giving a Damn

The reason this site exists, and the reason that Cate Speaks existed before it, ultimately comes down to the fact that we’re the kind of people who give a damn about politics. We want to know what the promises are, and what the quality of the promisers is.

And the bare minimum we expect is this: that candidates should at least make an effort to pretend they give a damn too.

I say this because I’ve just found three parties in a row who are courting the votes of Victorians in this election, but without going to the effort of doing anything more than running a few candidates. Now, it’s true that this is a common flaw of the campaigns of independents too, but I’m more forgiving of that – independents have fewer resources, and the one they lack most tends to be time. In addition, many of them are first-timers who have underestimated just how difficult and time-consuming the task of running for election actually is. They get a pass.

The United Australia Party, Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party do not.

For that matter, neither do the New Democrats or Sack Dan Andrews, both of which are led by people who have previously been involved in election campaigns and can reasonably be expected to know better.

We believe that these five parties, irrespective of any other considerations such as policy or integrity, do not deserve your vote. Because if this is how much consideration and effort they’re going to put in at a time when they’re actually courting you – none – how much do you think they’re going to care about you when they no longer need your vote?

They work for you. Make them.


  1. Benjamin Cronshaw

    Indeed, for all the work that goes into this site and giving a thorough breakdown of everything, you seem to be putting in more effort as a blog than a number of those parties! Particularly for those parties usually seeking out the spotlight (which all of those mentioned have done), they should really be engaged and show that they care about Victorian-specific issues & provide information for voters.

  2. SJ

    Excellent point – maybe they think a chat with Glen Druery is all they need.

    • LSN

      Almost certainly. Worked last time! The sooner we get rid of that the better.

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