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Allen Ridgeway


Website: Allen Thomas Ridgeway (on Facebook)
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Themes: Big spending on infrastructure, especially water
Electorates: Upper House: Victoria
Lower House:
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Policies & Commentary

So, this is a lot. Ridgeway’s only campaign statement so far was posted on Facebook earlier today, and it exhibits a joyful disregard for punctuation, grammar and other such fripperies. Ridgeway has a lot on his mind, and he doesn’t have time for such things – as he puts it if there spell mistake here, to bad, get over it. I assume he has a similar attitude to his various factual errors as well.

He has two major policy positions, of which the better developed is ”CHEAP WATER FOR ALL”, more dams, more flood migrating dams, large scale project for Australia. I think he means ‘mitigating,’ not ‘migrating,’ although his advocacy of the Bradfield Scheme suggests that maybe he does mean migrating. He also has a big plan about water for South Australia, but I got a little bit lost trying to work it out. There were tunnels and pumps and reversed rivers and at least one canal. Apparently it’s going to fill “LAKE AYRE” (I assume he means Eyre) and supply all of SA’s water needs, fight salinity and bring back the trees. I get the impression he thinks of himself as an environmentalist of sorts, but his solutions are big infrastructure ideas straight out of the 1930s.

He’s very down on “KEVIN-007” for wasting lots of money and leaving Australia with a trillion dollar debt, by which I assume that (a) he didn’t approve of the 2009 surplus spending, and (b) he has no idea that Australia’s debt after that was only a little over a tenth of that, and is still under that figure today. He’s also upset with Paul Keating for selling off Australia’s gold reserve, even though the sale was actually done by the Reserve Bank, which is independent of government, was the sale of two thirds rather than the entirety of our gold reserve, was in line with what most other western nations were doing with their respective gold reserves, and happened at a time when John Howard was Prime Minister, and Keating was no longer even in Parliament.

Back to infrastructure, he also wants the traditional very fast rail, although he doesn’t trouble himself to specify any destinations for it. And he wants to see what seems to be a version of the Iron Boomerang railway being built, in which case, Allen mate, I have some good news for you.

His other policy position is ”GREATER PROTECTION and INCLUSION of our PACIFIC ISLANDER PEOPLE and there SMALL ISLAND NATIONS” which is mentioned twice, but in no more detail than I’ve quoted here.

He’s not going to the bottom of my ballot (the competition is fierce this year), but he’s not going to be far above it.

Just a reminder that Maz and I lack the necessary Eurovision knowledge to choose the songs that Catherine liked to include, but we’d love to see what you suggest in the comments below 🙂


  1. Sarah Johnson

    An interesting type of ‘environmentalist’, he appears to be listed on the EPA public register

    • Loki

      Like I said, I think he sees himself as one. I disagree with him on that.

    • Benjamin Cronshaw

      Wow, that is one way to be involved with the EPA, haha. Good find.

  2. Allen Ridgeway

    yes i got my 100 nominating name and a very heavy cold i thought, after getting over that, got tested and was OK for covid, i asked how can i find out if i had covid or not. only way was a blood test, now see a doctor, so did that at my expense, and yes i have had covid. so down and out a week or 2, on the bed with covid campaigning. thanks for you kind words SARAH. am i unhappy with all this, covid did KILL ME, it has killed many, i am fine now. thank god i had had my 2 moderna shots/jabs to help me through————go and have a look now at www. ALLEN THOMAS RIDGEWAY web-page————Kind Regards: ALLEN Ridgeway—————ps i can write it all nicely if i want too, take me more time though. have be writing late night and early-hour to catch up

  3. Allen Ridgeway

    should have been DIDN’T KILL ME

    • Loki

      I won’t lie, for a minute there I did wonder if the site was haunted.

  4. Allen Ridgeway

    Ho, again, should have been late nightS and early hourS

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