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Electorates: Upper House: Victoria
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Policies & Commentary

So, listen – has anyone checked with Nat to see if he knows that he’s running in this election? He has no visible campaign, and even his Facebook page fails to mention his candidacy. It also fails to mention anything resembling policies, so this won’t take long.

Aside from updating his userpic more or less annually, the only thing Nat has posted to Facebook is a link to a petition to Revoke the ban on the Adler lever action shotgun!, which he shared back in August 2015. One could make certain inferences based on that, but that would be unfair.

But it’s in looking who he follows on Facebook that we get a real sense of the man. He follows the United Australia Party, and Malcolm Roberts of One Nation. He also follows some of Australia’s more visible members of the current anti-vax movement, including Ricardo Bosi, as well as several members of the Trump family, and several ‘alternative’ media sites (you know, the kind that have alternate facts).

Honestly, I could agree with everything he stood for and still not want to vote for him because this campaign is so half-arsed that the arse can only belong to some microscopic beastie and the half part is a negative number. Fortunately, we are ideologically opposed on nearly every issue, so I can in good conscience place him in the “if I can be bothered numbering down that far” category.

Just a reminder that Maz and I lack the necessary Eurovision knowledge to choose the songs that Catherine liked to include, but we’d love to see what you suggest in the comments below 🙂