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Have you seen this candidate?

It never fails. Every election, there’s always some independents who can’t be found online. Either they have no profile, or there are enough people with the same name that it isn’t clear which one they are.

We do search for them: we put their names, as given on the ballot paper, into search engines, and look for them, appending terms such as “parliament”, “senate”, “facebook” and “twitter”. Somehow, they continue to elude us, despite these measures.

So, we’re putting out a call to you, our readers. Can you point us at the details of any of the following candidates? Allen Ridgeway, Bernardine Atkinson, Nat de Francesco and David John Dillon.

Everyone else has been located and will be being reviewed soon, but these four are the Scarlet Pimpernels of this election. And unless we know what they stand for, we’re not going to be able to review them fairly, and they will, perforce, be place lower in our preferences than might otherwise be the case.

EDIT: Thank you to our eagle-eyed readers, all of these MIA politicians have now been located, as you can see in the comments below! You can now read about Allen Ridgeway, Bernardine Atkinson, Nat de Francesco and David John Dillon to your heart’s content.


  1. Simon

    A Bernardine Atkinson ran for Wannon in 2016

    • Loki

      Yeah, I found that and the Ridgeway article in your other comment, and I think it’s likely that it is the same person in each case, but I can’t confirm it.

  2. Simon

    I can’t wait to see what you write about James Bond.
    Not the most memorable campaign video I’ve ever seen (that would be Jeff Bartram and his “Tradesman Entrance” video from 2014), but it’s up there.

    • Loki

      I’m saving him for last. He’s the dessert course 🙂

      • Sue

        He is on Twitter and did a hilarious video on YouTube, very entertaining, but not one word of what he will actually DO once elected. Not sure he is even expecting to win. Still, might be worth putting him above some candidates you don’t want to get in. Here is the link.

        • Loki

          Thank you Sue. We are aware of James and will be covering him soon 🙂 I didn’t realise he had a twitter, though – can you point me at it?

        • Simon

          Last I looked, he’d put up a second video advocating a Boomer Tax.

  3. reynardo

    I think Nat De Francesco is a Kilsyth builder, living in Wandin North.

  4. AA

    There’s a bunch of WA Senate candidates I can’t find political pages for: Tricia Ayre, Ashley Buckle, Peter Robert McDonald, Yunous Vagh, Bob Burdett. But I’m not on Facebook, so there’s probably stuff out there I’m not seeing.

    I’m really looking forward to a review of Valentine Pegrum – I don’t agree with all of his policies, but his youtube channel is, well, entertaining at least. He can sing, and does!

    • Loki

      Yeah, that’s what I found too, and I think it probably is her, but I’d like to be sure I have the right person.

  5. LCC

    This page has info about candidates in the 2022 Federal election.

    • Loki

      Thank you for that, I’ll add it to our list of links

  6. wp_sd

    Allen Ridgeway has two nearly identical facebook pages, and two policies.
    I feel unhinged just pasting his ‘about’ information.

    Standing SENATE//May 21. get my Nomination Ticket, the 100 Names required.Stand in street, when People approached, 3 things said, NAME//SENATE, these 2 lines.CHEAP WATER FOR ALL. GREATER INCLUSION//PROTECTION of our PACIFIC ISLANDER PEOPLE,(YES DONE EASY)

  7. Madeline

    I found Nat de Francesco! Or, rather, his personal Facebook page, after quite a lot of hunting. The group memberships and page likes are public, at least, which gives a… sense of tone, at a minimum.

    • Loki

      Thank you! I’ll do a short piece on him now!

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