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Okay, a day of tinkering and moving things around and adding things, and this site is a few steps closer to being ready for the Victorian election. In particular, we’ve populated the lists of parties running in the state upper house with the most up to date information we have on who is running (you can find those in the sidebar, under the heading Victoria — Region by Region), and we’ll be keeping those updated (and even putting them into the correct ballot order once actual ballots are certified).

Coming up next, we’ll have a post about how voting in the Victorian upper house differs from voting in the federal upper house, and then we’ll start getting into the actual reviews of parties and candidates.

Those of you who get email updates on this site may have received a flurry of emails this afternoon, because we have been working on the site, getting it ready for the next election, and we forgot to turn off those notifications – sorry about that folks, please don’t put us in your spam filters!


  1. Geraldine Gonsalvez

    Thank you Cate and Loki, Congratulations on this useful task and great effort 👌 on this day that happens to celebrate all Volunteers. Heartfelt thanks. 🌹 Regards the upper house, I suggest it’s best to educate Voters to choose their own 5 MLC’S for their regions by voting 1 through to 5 below the line. As opposed to voting just 1 above the line as what is expected in casting a valid vote in the Victorian Upper House statewide election. Voting below the line enables the Voters to determine their own preferential choice of all 5 mrmbers for the upper house in their respective regions. They could extend to marking more numbers below the line if they choose yo do so but 1 to 5 constitutes validity, if choosing to vote below the line. Voting validly above the line requires only a No. 1 above the line for a party. While this constitutes validity with regard to the vote it gives the party of their choice be it a major or minor party the authority to determine who their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th MLC’S for the region will be via the secret preference harvesting deals entered into by both the major and the minor parties. Hence the preferable option to enable personal choice in electing the 5 members in each of the 8 upper house regions in Victoria is to vote below the line from 1 to 5 or more to empower one’s own personal choice to matter.
    Thanks all looking forward to the victory of Independents in this Election.
    Geraldine Gonsalvez in the South East Metropolitan Region Of Victoria.🙏🌹👍

    • Loki

      Thank you for that response, Geraldine, and we will be trying to get it all clear for everyone on how voting works.

      I did want to clarify that, while I am indeed Loki, my partner in this endeavour is Maz. Cate, whose name adorns the site, is a dearly departed friend on whose footsteps we carry on this work.

  2. Ben McKenzie

    Hi folks! I’m a bit slow in catching up this election (moving house this week), but just wanted to pass on a bit of feedback:

    You mention the link to the Victorian Region list being in the sidebar, but on a mobile device the sidebar does not appear, even if you request the desktop page. The only way of accessing the Region by Region page on mobile is by searching for it. A quick fix might be just to link directly from this post?

    Thanks so much for all of this; I’ll try and do my part by suggesting Eurovision entries for some of the candidates.

    • Ben McKenzie

      …actually I can’t find a Region by Region page even if I search? Though I can find the individuals posts for each region.

      • Loki

        You couldn’t find it because there wasn’t a page as such. There is now, and it should be accessible from the Menu on the mobile site, under How This Works.

    • Loki

      Thank you Ben, we feel the lack of Eurovision songs keenly 🙂

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