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James Bond


Website: James Bond (YouTube)
Social Media: YouTube
Slogans: James Bond is on a secret mission to infilatrate the Australian government and save the world before it’s too late (sic)
Themes: James Bond seems to be having fun, and isn’t that what matters?
Electorates: Upper House: Victoria
Lower House: none
Preferences: not yet available
Previous Reviews: none

Policies & Commentary

Honestly, Mr Bond seems to be running largely as a gag.

Unfortunately, this makes it very hard to figure out what he’s actually about, since it’s never quite clear when he’s joking or not. In one video, he mentions wanting to get involved in corruption, in another he mentions, more or less as an aside, that he’ll “sort out” corruption and the environment. He certainly doesn’t hesitate at all to resort to personal attacks on his competitors, many of which are, well, childish.

Look, I don’t think you’ll really get the idea unless you actually watch one of his videos. This one was his campaign launch, and it’s a decent representative sample:

Bond has, grudgingly, made a single policy announcement: he’s calling for a Boomer Tax, which basically seems to be a tax on excessive wealth. He’s added a few comments about the environment that hint at what the money thus raised might be used for – although he does specifically mention native wildlife sanctuaries with feral-cat-proof-fences, so I guess that’s one thing.

So, considering how little there actually is to go on here, do I expect Mr Bond to be elected to the Senate?


  1. Benjamin Cronshaw

    I came across his video before. Well, I certainly appreciate the humour. I think this review explains him as much as anyone could, haha.

  2. Simon

    I may never get that image of Daniel Craig out of my head

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