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Geraldine Marie Antoinette Gonsalvez


Social Media: Twitter
Previous Names: none
Slogans: Your vote can and will change the future. So please do not waste your chance because the future depends on how you vote today.
Themes: Social Justice through a Catholic lens

Upper House: Victoria

Lower House: not applicable

Preferences: EDIT: So, on the front page of her site, Geraldine has a guide to how to fill out your ballot, which shows a listing of 12 candidates. It’s labelled as “EXAMPLE”, but it also seems less than random. Assuming that it does represent her actual preferences, it would show a grab bag of fellow independents, right leaning parties and anti-vaxxers. Aside from the three ungrouped independents listed, everyone else there is someone I’d rather not see in Parliament, so this actually makes me less likely to rank her highly. (You can find them all listed in the comments below.)
Previous Reviews: none

Policies & Commentary

Geraldine Marie Antoinette Gonsalvez is a former local Councillor for Dandenong Council in Melbourne’s south-east. She is very proud of her Indian heritage, and her campaign materials feature quotes from both Gandhi and Mother Teresa. In 2013, she ran as a candidate for the DLP in the Lyndhurst by-election, but was not elected. She appears to have ended her relationship with the DLP at some point after that, possibly because they are no longer a registered political party at a federal level, although it looks like she still shares a lot of their values.

Unfortunately, what she actually stands for can only be inferred from her site and her public statements. She is opposed to racism and to euthanasia. She supports tax cuts to help support families with young children, and more generally, with cost of living issues. She thinks that the federal government has not supported those Afghans who fought alongside Australia and its allies enough. And that’s about it.

There’s not much to object to here, but then, there’s not much here. In the absence of a more clearly stated policy position, I can’t rank this candidate that highly. She’ll land somewhere around the middle of my ballot.

Just a reminder that Maz and I lack the necessary Eurovision knowledge to choose the songs that Catherine liked to include, but we’d love to see what you suggest in the comments below 🙂


  1. Drago

    Just sent her an email. I went for ultra informal to see how in touch™️ she is with the youth. I asked her what her policies are because her website doesn’t state them. If I remember to and if I get one, I’ll post her reply here.

    • Loki

      Thank you, hopefully we’ll have something soon.

  2. Jonathan O'Donnell

    Geraldine has listed preferences, sort of on her web page,


    1. GERALDINE Marie Antoinette GONSALVEZ (Independent – Ungrouped)
    2. Kenneth Grimmond (UAP) – Column L).

    3. David John Dillon (Column – Ungrouped).

    4. Geoff Whitehead (Great Australian Party – Column V).

    5. Max Dicks (Column – Ungrouped).

    6. Tara Tran (Column – Ungrouped).

    7. Robyn Curnow (Informed Medical Options Party– Column X).

    8. Craig Isherwood (Australian Citizens Party – Column Q).

    9. Chris Mara (Australian Federation Party – Column N).

    10. Greg Mirabella (Liberals) – Column D).

    11. Monica Smit (Group R – Column R).

    12. Morgan C. Jonas (Group R – Column).

    • Loki

      I saw that when I was looking at her site, but I interpreted it as being, well, an Example rather than an actual preference listing. Still, it’s the closest we have to actual preferences.

  3. Katie Starkey

    unfortunately she is anti abortion and supports harsh drug laws.

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