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Voting for Victorians

Hiya folks. Hope you’ve all been keeping well since the Federal Election.

For those of you who live in Victoria, you’re probably aware that we have an election coming up on November 26.

So now’s the perfect time to check your enrolment, although if it hasn’t changed since May, you probably don’t need to worry, since the federal enrolment information is shared with the states and will be identical. But if you’re unsure, you can confirm your details here. Even if you haven’t moved, you may want to check just to confirm which electorates you are in, as the state electorates differ from the federal electorates, and there has also been some shifting of boundaries – so even if you haven’t moved in the last four years, your electorate may have.

If you have moved since then, or are going to be moving before the election, you should update your address, which you can do here.

And finally, if you’re new to all this, you can enrol to vote here. If you are updating or enrolling, the deadline is Tuesday, the 8th of November, so you have a little less than a month yet to take care of that.

Early voting begins on November 14, and the VEC will be releasing the information on where you can vote (before and on election day) on November 2 – they’ll be putting a link to those details here.

We’ll be back soon with an explainer on how the Victorian state electoral system differs from the Federal system in the next little while. Be seeing you.


  1. Sandy Buck

    Thank you. I was only thinking about this today and how much Cate will be missed.

  2. LSN

    Another election. I’m starting to think the vote for everything on one day every four years thing the Americans do might not be a bad idea. Then again they have 2 year mid terms and two years of campaigning.
    Yet again there are signs up for a party I’ve never heard (but I think the candidate’s mum possibly lives there).

    Thank you for keeping it going and I look forward to finding out the differences between us and federal.

    • Loki

      Well, the Vic state elections are on a four year cycle like the US has – it’s just the Federal elections that can happen basically any time at all…

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